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Search images on Instagram with your favorite hashtag and autolike them from your computer with Instalike

How does it work


Download application and unpack or install.

Sign in

No registration needed. Just sign in with your Facebook username and password, choose hashtag and press Start Liking button.

Start Liking

It will start liking for 1 hour with random time between likes so it looks like more organic and I don't want you to get a ban. I suggest using it once per day. After the time is up it will autoclose.

It's that simple


We all like to get likes but if you want to have better engagement and to attract more users to your profile you have to like other people photos. This task can be tedious and time-consuming. That's why this application is created to do your job for you.


Is it free?

Yes it is.

I'm scared to put my username and password?

You don't have to be. Application doesn't store anywhere your credentials. That's why you have to type it every time you open it.

How did you make Instalike?

Instalike is build using Python with Selenium and Tkinter library. If you are a developer you can check out the code on my Github.

I have a problem with the app. How can I contact you?

You can find all my social links at the bottom of the page. Send me a message where ever you like.